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If at any given time you were to ask me what’s on my mind, and i was honest, you would get about 72 hours worth of thoughts in three or four seconds. For the creative process a brain that works like that is amazing. I am very thankful at times for my ability to think and create and pretty much workout most problems without too much effort. But the other side of that is that those thoughts get in the way of everyday interactions.

A couple of years ago I learned a new term called decision fatigue. It means when you have a lot to think about you start to mentally tire, and sometimes physically, from the need to make precise decisions on things. If you are a person who has a high degree of sensitivity when it comes to how what you do affects others this will increase the amount of physical effect those thoughts have.

Some of my creative actions are quite simple and enjoyable. Working on Flyers for the DJ business or thumbnails for YouTube videos along with any kind of drawing lets my mind escape from any sort of decisions that way heavy. Physical actions such as playing sports will also let my mind let go of the multiple paths that have to be decided on mentally.

The trouble come when I do not have those type of outlets and must interact with other humans or complete a task that I am not particularly interested in. Oftentimes out in public I will be talking to someone, and my brain will be paying attention to and processing several other conversations around me and other actions in the room.

This all said I have been trying to decide lately if I want to start a podcast. I have REALLY enjoyed not being on camera for the past 3 months. In the past I have done many “podcast” type videos for the DJ side of my life and I probably will return to doing some for the DJ world soon. For now, what I am trying to decide on is what kind of podcast can I mentally handle or the creative side of things without removing time and energy that I could be putting into enjoyable creating.

I feel I have a lot to offer simply because of all the things that I have seen in my lifetime. Sometimes I don’t think I have a lot to offer until I stop and talk to someone and am able to empathize with them because of past experiences. I am just trying to be a good steward with what God has given me.

Now I just have to decide if I should do a podcast, should it be audio or video, should I follow topics in my book, how long the podcast should be, should it be live or prerecorded, should I involve other people, should I answer back comments and questions on the podcast once it is posted, and about a million more things.

Now you see a little bit of my decision fatigue. I by no means want to compare this to other people’s troubles in life. It is just where I am right now, and I think it is a good time to move in the direction of some sort of podcast that might help some other people with what they are going through.

I would love to know your thoughts 😊

God Bless,


Michael Joseph

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