First News & Info Blog Post

Hello and welcome to the first news and info blog post. I originally wanted to do a newsletter sent out via email but with so many spam emails in the world I didn’t want to make another one. So I decided to do an information blog that gives me both the opportunity to go into more detail about things going on in the Michael Joseph and immj brands.

These posts will also consist of occasional stories of inspiration and encouragement. I want to be able to express myself via what is pretty much considered short form compared to the book. I am probably going to do some videos in the future much like these posts because some people prefer video over the written word. I thought this would be a good way to reach both types of people and give myself another outlet for creativity.

Let’s start the (hopefully) weekly post with some info about my book “The Creative Virus.” In case you don’t know the e-book, paperback book, audiobook are all currently available. The e-book and paperback book are on all the regular avenues for reading and purchasing books. Due to a very creative way I decided to do the audiobook, I was unable to place it on traditional audiobook sites like Audible.

In short they don’t take text to speech or AI voice audiobooks, at least at this time they don’t. I originally wanted to read the book myself but realized the editing time involved would have taken probably another year. So I started looking into getting someone else to read the book and that turned out to be tricky when it came to the finances. Some people wanted a lot of money to read the book While others simply wanted half of the income on every audiobook sold. So I, being a creative person, decided to start and do some research on how I can present an audiobook in a different way.

I ended up going through the company “Desript”. They offered a program that both allowed me to use pre-recorded text to speech voices and a way to clone my own voice. I was a little skeptical at first but once I saw the process on how it was done I decided to go for it. After reading some training Scripts the program then allowed me to enter any text I wished.

The long and short of it is that I now have an AI clone of my voice that I call AI-MJ. I now have the ability to annoy people with my voice for the rest of time. He he. If you decide to purchase the audiobook it is not only read by AI-MJ but there are a lot of things in the audiobook that are not in the ebook or paperback. I thought it would be interesting to have some fun with what it would be like to have your own AI voice clone to do some work for you.

I try my best to use the voice to explain what I want when using it for creativity and to have a little fun with some AI clone humor. I admit some of it may not come through as funny as I hoped but remember putting out the audiobook was not just to have an audiobook but for the creative process of making an audiobook.

I say this with some humor but also some seriousness, I never wanted to release a book I just wanted to write one. What that means is I love the creative process no matter if it’s djing, dancing, writing, speaking, art or whatever. It’s not the final product that I chase anymore. It’s not fame and fortune that I chase anymore. It is simply the enjoyment and challenge of getting to be creative as my full-time job. If one can even call having this much fun a job.

I hope you enjoyed this first installation of the news and info blog. Feel free to leave comments or ideas for future posts or videos. above all I wanted to thank you for taking time to be a part of my world and I hope it inspires you to create a world that you love to live in everyday.

God Bless, MJ

(March 1 2023)

Michael Joseph

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