Look For New Music From MJ Soon
"Mix & Mash "
Released 2012

Remixed songs from all other albums plus 2 new Songs 
"The TC Mix"
Released 2010

The official soundtrack of the 2010 Hot Summer Sun Tour
"Drive U Nutz"
Released 2008

Songs engineered for cars with a boomin' system - Created for Team Nutz Audio
"Audio Octane Vol. 1"
Released 2005

Car audio competition CD with test sub tones and sweeps
"MC / DJ / MJ"
Released 2004

Perfect tunes for the hot summer sun
Released 2004

Bass dropin' tunes created for Krankinstein Car Audio
Released 2004

Mix CD for the fans
Released 2003

Live recording at an event called "Align" with MJ and live bands
"Trance Mix #1"
Released 2003

Mix CD of the biggest early 2000s EDM club anthems
"In The Mix"
Released 2002

100% original high energy dance music
"In The Begining"
Released 2000

AKA "In The Beginning" is a Mix CD of some very cool gospel songs
"Dance Machine"
Released 1999

My first full length album

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