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Technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives. While some people may resist it daily, others cannot imagine life without it. If we view technology as neither good nor bad, but a tool that can make our lives easier and more enjoyable, we can appreciate its amazing and fun potential.

First, I took this picture on my cell phone. Something we all carry around everyday. I could see the picture instantly instead of having to wait for it to be developed. Second, on that same device I was able to edit the picture (heavily) changing the composition immensely, removing objects and askewing its alignment.

No one is paying me for my pictures or displaying them in a gallery, magazine or billboard. Only a few friends and followers see it and most of those views are with a quick swiping pass. The main point is that I had fun with every step of the process. It is a simple and cost free way to be creative. Get out when you can and have some fun taking photos of what you love.

Remember, life goes by fast, look up every once in awhile and let your insides enjoy the outside.

Michael Joseph
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Michael Joseph

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