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My goto for all video editing

Sibling app to CapCut this photo editor does everything including AI.

Really love this graphic editor. I may drop Adobe soon but I can’t say enough good about this app. I use it for most of my flyers.

The best of the best when it comes to photo editing. Just like Express I may drop Adobe soon but can’t knock this app.

When it comes to drawing nothing can beat this app especially for the price which is free.

This app just came to Android and is almost as good as the Galaxy expert raw app, but it is amazing either way

For a lot of people this is a really great photo app that gives you manual control at your fingertips.

Anytime I need a teleprompter during videos for full paragraphs or just a bullet list, the Nana teleprompter is a must.

This is a really great app for either setting up or preparing for any type of Photography that involves the Sun or the Moon for lighting or subject.

Pay site for selling digital content on websites and more.

This Is My Everything notebook. any ideas, drawings or whatever go down in this book for use or reference.

Link your phone to your Windows computer. Access everything right on your pc screen.

Wired screen mirroring option for all the high-rez photo and video editing I do.

Best app for adding text to anything. 3D, custome fonts, branding or whatever you want.


Customize all your Samsung Galaxy camera setting on the fly.

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is a one stop AI solution for all media enhancements. With a single tap, your content is analyzed for imperfections, enhanced and refined to a higher quality.

You can’t own a Galaxy phone with out goodlock. Customize just about everything in great detail. Love Love Love this app.

Every manual setting you could ever want for your Galaxy phone’s video and photo cameras.

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