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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

I use my S24 Ultra for every step of the creative process. From taking to editing to posting, I use the s24 Ultra for everything.

Insta360 GO 3

My white with black custom plasti-diped go 3 is a must for all kinds of unusual shots including pov, stealth and action. Silicone cover and soft case makes it ready to go on the fly

HoverAir x1 Camera Drone

Hands down one of the best investments for photos or video. I pack the drone and 4 batteries almost every time I'm out taking pictures for video. I get most of my b-roll from this drone. It is my very own camera man.

Magsafe case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Besides protecting my s24 Ultra this case covers my valuable lenses and has a very powerful magsafe magnet for adding accessories and mounting.

ULANZI MA35, 2-in-1 Magnetic & Phone Clip Camera Grip Handle

I have several photo grip handles for my phone but as soon as a got the MA35 the rest went into storage. Taking pictures with this on my phone just feels "normal".

ULANZI MT-44 Extendable Phone Tripod

A selfie stick / tri-pod pole that is great for holding the camera or lights. It's small enough to take every time yet solid enough to meet most every need.

LowePro Tahoe BP 150 Compact Camera Backpack

The type of photography I do I really don’t need a lot of gear so I went with a simple, yet small camera bag. This bag is lite and simple enough to let me focus on taking pictures and keep moving.

Besnfoto DSLR Camera Sling Bag

Some Days you don’t need much more than your camera, a cleaning cloth and some odds and ends. When the photo day calls for that, I reach for this bag. I’m not a big fan of sling bags but this is nice.

Modified Smartphone Holder.

I modified this from a clamp style to a magsafe style that works on it's own as a magsafe tripod mount or with the Ulanzi MA35 as a quick release.

ULANZI R101 1/4" Magnet Mount ¼ Threads

I have two of these that I use one on this adapter and one in the studio. Very strong magnets that are perfect for quick release phone attachment to anything that has 1/4 inch thread.

Comica BoomX-D2 - Wireless Microphone System

Great two transmitters / one dual channel receiver wireless mic system. very versatile and sounds awesome.​

Movo WMX-HM Mic Handle

This is a mic handle to turn my Comica BoomX-D2 wireless lapel mic into a wireless handheld mic for interviews.

NEEWER Magnetic RGB Video Light

Sometimes you need just a little bit more light out on a video or photo shoot. I have one of these with me all the time.

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