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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Believe it or not I do a LOT with my phone. I use it as both my studio camera and my mobile camera. I edit all my videos with my phone (capcut), I edit photos (LR), I post to social media. Just screen cast the S24 ultra to a portrait 22 inch monitor and I'm on high productive mode.

Magsafe case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Besides protecting my s24 Ultra this case covers my valuable lenses and has a very powerful magsafe magnet for adding accessories and mounting.

Movo VXR10 Universal Shotgun Mic

This is my go to studio mic. Just put in on the Aokeo mic boom and let the show start. I prefer the boom mic over the desk mic because I talk with my hands and always hit the desk mic.

Aokeo AK-35 Microphone Desk Stand-Microphone Suspension Boom

I actually have two of these in the studio. One for the mic and one for the camera. Easy adjust and I'm ready to go.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5 Professional DJ Headphones - Black

Not just for DJing. I don't use headphones all that often anymore but this are my goto headphone. I actually own 2 pair.

Linsoul TIN Audio T2 HiFi in Ear Monitor

Not just for DJing! I have been using these in-ear monitors for almost 3 years now and I absolutely love them. I haven't used headphones since. I did change from the over the ear cord them come with to a straight cord. ( I will list it in this kit also).

Okcsc Earphone Upgrade Replacement Cable Gold Plated MMCX Headphones Extension

This is the straight (not over the ear) cord I replaced on my Linsoul Tin In ear monitors. (also listed in this kit)

Behringer XENYX 302USB Premium 5-Input Mixer with Mic Preamp and USB/Audio Interface

I love this mixer! It is my main studio mixer for everything from live shows, studio recording or just listening to music. I can even plug it into my S24 ultra via USB-C and use it as a full fledged mixer.

Rane One DJ Controller

I have been waiting for 25 years for this controller. A light weight motorized DJ controller. Of course I had to modify the body via 12inchskins and the platters via Style Flip.

Magma Carry-Lite XXL Plus DJ Case

I wanted a lite CARRY case not a FLIGHT case for the Rane One. I don't need a case that you can throw around. This is not that case. I needed one step up from a soft case and this is it. Light and able to keep all the power cords and stuff plugged in all the time.

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

I use this a my emergency back up controller. Manily because it has the same layout as my Rane One. It's small enough to be taken to every gig so that no matter what I'm able to finish the night and collect a paycheck.

EVA Hard Case for Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

I believe in cases for everything, including my emergency back up gear.

Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight

The most portable, and playable micro DJ controller there is. Great for quick editing and cue points in the studio or on the go.

NEEWER Magnetic RGB Video Light

Sometimes you need just a little bit more light out on a video or photo shoot. I have one of these with me all the time.

Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight

The most portable, and playable micro DJ controller there is. Great for quick editing and cue points in the studio or on the go.

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