Day Dream for Health

I shared this today as a simple post of encouragement with a picture. It is from my book The Creative Virus and I wanted to expand upon it just a little.

“The average person completes a task and gets a reward. Do your job, get a paycheck. I understand everyone has to make a living. Everyone has responsibilities, but when you are deep in that creative moment, everything else fades away.”

I know the life I live is not that of the average person. Even though I do run a multifaceted business I don’t have a lot of the typical responsibilities most people have like children, family, pets and so on. I talk in my book about how I’ve spent my entire life in the field of arts and entertainment. As I get older I am starting to look at some of the things that I’ve always done and realizing how healthy they are for me. Again, they might not be for everyone but as much as I tried to walk away from them because it’s not the normal or an expected way an adult should live, I find those things more and more essential every day.

Some people say that daydreaming is for children and a waste of time, but I simply spend 30 minutes a day letting my mind daydream. I can’t begin to tell you how much that relaxes my physical muscles my mind and my spirit. I don’t know the life you live but I do know little things matter.

Taking time whenever you can to indulge in these small things is not you being selfish but an act of self-healing. I have had a quote pin to my wall for a couple of weeks now that says, “You are not being selfish by taking care of yourself.”  Small moments of self-care are not only good for you but for those around you, those who rely on you.

When we get tired and wore out we often find ourselves short with other people. That shortness is nothing more than a small act of defense when your brain feels like it’s running out of options. So, if nothing else, I encourage you today to find something small, even if it seems meaningless to everyone else, that helps rejuvenate the true and caring person you truly are.

Michael Joseph

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Michael Joseph

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